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MIT recognizes terrorist advocacy groups but not free speech group

In an ongoing affront to satire and parody the MIT administration dons the cloak of free speech to explain its recognition of groups celebrating the beheading of babies and global pogrom against Jews but refuses to recognize the MIT Alumni Free Speech Alliance (MFSA) because it is too controversial.

Leading the doubletalk, doublethink, and double standards brigade is Whitney Espich, CEO of the administration-controlled, toady operated MIT Alumni Association. Drop her an email and ask why she has been pocket vetoing the MIT Free Speech Alliance application for affiliation since last spring.

Bending over backwards to play nice, the MFSA continues to supinely accept its relegation to second class citizenship hoping that sheer embarrassment might one day get the beleaguered administration to change its tune.

And so … bring on the embarrassment!

Cancel geophysicists for daring to question DEI? Check.
Promote erotic vomiting to fight the patriarchy? Check.
Take money from Putin’s mobsters? Check.
Let critical race theorists banish MIT’s founder? Check.
Teach Feminist, Queer, and Indigenous science? Check.
Counsel male-to-eunuch gender affirming surgery? Check.
Allow hecklers to shut down campus recruiting? Check.
Recommend social workers replace campus cops? Check.
Mandate Kendi anti-racism training in every writing class? Check.
Invite a communist accessory to murder to speak? Check.
Celebrate f*cking the patriarchy with female semen? Check.
Recruit students to spy on their classmates? Check.

But recognize a free speech group comprised of over 1,000 alumni, students, professors, and friends of MIT earnestly trying to restore intellectual integrity at their alma mater? Nooooo. Too controversial!


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