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Avowed communist, and accessory to murder, schools MIT on systemic racism

This year’s MLK celebration, co-hosted by MIT’s Institute Community & Equity Office and MIT’s Alumni Association, was proudly keynoted by radical racialist Angela Davis.

Fawningly introduced by President Sally Kornbluth, Davis wasted no time declaring capitalism the root of all evil. “Racism is deeply connected to capitalism. Capitalism was produced by colonialism and slavery.” A packed room of DEI administrators and faculty fellow travelers tasked with educating America’s next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and captains of industry responded with thunderous applause.

Davis hit every note in her symphony of denunciations. “We must stand up to the heteropatriarchy. We must remember the Palestinians.” She sang the praises of BLM rioters, transgender activists, and Critical Race Theory advocates.

Republicans in general, Ron DeSantis in particular, he whose name cannot be mentioned, and their fellow white supremacists felt her fiery scorn. “It’s all about recognizing the deep structural racism in all our institutions, regardless of who the individuals might be.” She declared racism the reason black police officers killed Tyre Nichols.

What a great way to honor Martin Luther King’s dream of racial harmony and his emphasis on individual character. To share in MIT’s vision for belonging and community, watch the video for yourself starting at 47:38.


  1. Robert Brooks

    So Angela Davis, whom I remember from the ’60s at Berkeley, not only can speak at MIT but generates thunderous applause for condemning everything American while Dorian Abbott is not allowed to present scientific work for which he has been honored because he advocates for merit-based student evaluation? What kind of a world are we living in?

  2. BringBackMITsBackBone

    Yes, it’s odd how MIT will distance itself from someone who says something non-PC but then fully embraces a criminal, activist, anti-scientist. But the real reason I’m writing is to update this post. Turns out Angela Davis went on a PBS show with Prof Louis Gates to find her roots. Guess who had one set of relatives who were on the Mayflower (Brewsters, no less) and another set of great-great-great…grandparents who were white slave owners. OOPS.



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