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Heckler’s veto mob invades MIT, advancing climate justice and environmental virtue

Photo Source: Divest Harvard

As Europe prepares to freeze in the dark and Sri Lankans starve for lack of fertilizer, a diverse and inclusive mob of social justice warriors disrupted a recruiting event at MIT’s Earth and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) department this week to make sure that graduating students only pursue careers they approve of. Campus police were nowhere to be found.

The Beaver applauds such direct action because science deniers must be punished. MIT chemistry professor Troy Van Voorhis tutors us that this is not cancel culture. This is consequence culture.

As the MIT faculty prepares to debate the merits of adopting the free speech statement developed by the Freedom of Expression Working Group that President Reif has been sitting on since June, it is important to make exceptions for any issue that triggers a woke student mob. Maintaining the EAPS tradition of bowing to such mobs sets a fine example for the rest of the university.


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