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MIT graduate seminar advances a new kind of science poised to take over STEM

This breakthrough summer seminar in Feminist, Queer, and Indigenous Methodologies is offered by MIT’s Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS).  Applications are due by 4-22-22.

“While academic inquiry and research from the west/global north has been responsible for some of civilization’s greatest achievements, it has also been a powerful tool of domination, oppression and erasure. This interdisciplinary graduate seminar seeks to explore non-normative research methodologies that are robust, ethical, and culturally informed to counter this history and to enhance our own comprehension and awareness.”

“The seminar also trains students to interrogate the ways that normative approaches to knowledge production – especially in Western contexts – contribute to a blunting of understanding and a silencing of already vulnerable communities. A special focus of the course is to help students gain skills for application to their own research inquiries/projects.”

The Beaver is unable to make a parody of the above. Please consult your local shaman.


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