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MIT dives into erotic vomiting to reorganize hegemonic gender formations

MIT’s Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women and Sexuality in its Erotic Methods Webinar presented this Wednesday took on the “hegemonic formations of gender, class, and race, dragging colonial histories into the present.” Impressionable young students learned how “BDSM, dungeons, public sex, erotic vomiting,” and “other dissident acts” can open up “new ways of thinking across disciplines.”

“Destroying old ways of thinking are the hallmark of the new MIT,” explained the Associate Dean of Values Inversion and Perversity Normalization. “Questioning the sanctity of DEI surely deserves cancellation, but the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences proudly supports the free speech rights and academic freedom enjoyed by the GCWS. What could be more enlightening than its featured debates focussing on pressing feminist practices and concerns? We thank the GCWS Board of Representatives for the tireless efforts these thought leaders have made importing Critical Theory to MIT. Let those who believe STEM is immune from the long march through the institutions transforming American universities think again!”


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