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The Babbling Beaver irregularly publishes satirical samizdat anonymously contributed by loyal alumni, faculty, staff, and students of MIT who are distressed by the Wokeness takeover of our beloved ‘Tute. Strongly believing that no rigidly intolerant ideology merits exemption from scrutiny and debate, the Beaver is committed to speaking parody to power. We hope our anti-authoritarian humor emboldens those afraid to speak their minds, reviving the rebellious hacker spirit that made our university unique.  Tremble not in these troubled Twitter times, for as Mark Twain once said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” 
So, seize the opportunity to enjoy a mischievous chuckle, sign up to receive our biting missives by email, and if the muse moves you consider contributing some over-the-top fake stories of your own. Help shine the spotlight of mockery on the people and practices inflicting Woke extremism on the world’s premier STEM institution. Submissions chosen by our scrupulously fair and balanced editors applying community standards so transparent you can’t see them will only be accepted under assumed names, as even many of our brilliant tenured professors are afraid to swim against the cultural riptide. The Babbling Beaver is published under a Creative Commons License. We encourage refuseniks at other universities to plagiarize our issues, steal our jokes, and publish satirical samizdat of their own. Don’t ask anyone for permission, just go ahead and put an eye patch on your college mascot, hoist the Jolly Roger of free speech absolutism, and launch your own satire webzine. Join the revolution to take back our minds and liberate our campuses, with an ironic nod to Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 and a joyous, bellowing … Aargh!