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Fomenting identity hatred, self-censorship, denunciations guarantee DEI immortality

A leaked progress report from MIT’s “Belonging, Achievement, and Composition” planning process revealed three data metrics portending years of full employment for hundreds of MIT DEI professionals.

“MIT’s professional DEI staff of assistant deans and department diversity officers from across the Institute have been working closely within their local communities to advance planning. This group has identified 31 existing data elements across the three priorities—drawing from the Diversity Dashboard, the Quality of Life and other community surveys, as well as a range of sources that touch financial, admission, hiring, promotion, and other Institute processes—that will drive a consolidated approach to inform decision-making and planning processes for each commitment.”

Increasing levels of fear, loathing, and distrust between radicalized identity groups, hissy fit protests against free speech, soaring rates of self-censorship, and an uptick in anonymous denunciations accompany every expansion of DEI. By June 30 each academic school must submit a plan, comprehensive of the activities of the departments, labs, and centers within them, to track metrics demonstrating a need to hire additional DEI professionals to address problems exacerbated by the the addition of new DEI programs.

Thanks to loyal cadres entrusted with its implementation, no progress was reported on integrating MIT’s recently adopted Freedom of Expression Statement into the plan.

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