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MIT pro-DEI debater declares war on intersectionality interlopers

In an impassioned article denouncing Sally-come-latelies muscling in on special preferences rightfully due descendants of American slaves, affirmative action zealot Pamela Denise Long contends that delivering social justice is not about identity, it’s about lineage.

“The civil rights legislation that arose from Negro men/women/children being lynched was turned into a step ladder for white women, people with disabilities, immigrants, and now people who are LGBTQIA+ … EVERYBODY sought to shoehorn their way into Negro corrective actions.”

As the Supreme Court prepares its decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, interloper intersectionality threatens any remnants of affirmative action they might leave intact.

Every stripe added to the LGB flag, every Dylan Mulvaney clamoring for attention, every middle-class white woman hitching a ride on DEI, every illegal immigrant scrounging for a job, every body-positive fatso on the cover of Sports Illustrated, every pedophile seeking to legitimize his love, every gender-affirming surgeon hankering to chop off a breast distracts the social justice movement from its one true true calling, which is to compensate the great-great-great grandchildren of former slaves.

So much for solidarity among every Tom and dickless Harry grinding grievance axes against the cisheteropatriarchy. (Grab some popcorn, this could get interesting.)


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