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MIT rebrands its diversity programs, doubling down on identity ideology

The Babbling Beaver applauds MIT’s just released “Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition.” Bravo for accepting the Beaver’s recommendation to improve “processes for collecting more detailed identity data” (actual quote from the report). We can’t wait to see every member of our community reduced to an n-dimensional vector in intersectionality space, assuring just and equitable outcomes against appropriately reconceptualized measures of achievement. Won’t that make us feel like we all belong!

In addition, rebranding the tired and battered acronyms for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity by appending new not-yet tarnished buzzwords was a brilliant move to stay one step ahead of critics.

Every applicant, student, and faculty member can now look forward to experiencing the guiding hands of a vastly expanded DIEBAC administrative bureaucracy, along with the many new training programs, incentive structures, monitoring and compliance procedures, and anonymous reporting facilities sure to result from this fresh approach. Because social engineering begins at home.


  1. Randy Wayne

    DIEBAC–what an apt acronym!!!

  2. Elly Jackson

    Good on you for such humor. Love it!

  3. John Staddon

    “n-dimensional vector in intersectionality space” at last some real science in this troubled area. Sounds like new department to me…


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