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MIT diversity princelings party on

Is this a great gig, or what?

The ever-growing staff at MIT’s Sloan School DEI Office has mastered the Diversity game. “Bryan needs to receive a lot of credit for having a vision that made the need for increasing our team size an essential part of our success. Organizing events like the first MIT Sloan DEI Holiday party, the office is clear on its purpose of moving MIT Sloan forward with a wholistic DEI focus.”

We’re told that diverse teams produce better outcomes. But do as I say and not as I do is one of the perks of being a DEI princeling. “This is the first time in my working career where most of the team members shared in my physical identity.”

The Office of DEI sees a future in which belonging and inclusion not only come from their office but from all aspects of the community. “By then, the Institute would commit to increasing resources to building out DEI offices at the other schools around MIT so that our office is just one of many.”

In other news, cost of attendance at MIT increased to $79,850 per year.

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