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Fifty years of affirmative action at MIT

Fifty years ago this month MIT became the first university in America to have its Affirmative Action Plan approved by the federal government. Who would have guessed that in half a century it is so far from achieving its objectives that hundreds of handsomely paid professionals, millions of dollars, and dozens of highly invasive programs are required to bring us to the promised land. Even Moses only wandered in the wilderness for forty years.

The Supreme Court may have had a few impotent words to say about this recently, at least when it comes to college admissions. But that hardly raised a harumph as MIT rebranded its DEI program, focusing on Belonging, Achievement, and Composition.

Accreting additional oppressed groups has gone a long way toward empowering MIT’s permanent bureaucracy dedicated to making sure heterosexual white males are forced to sit in the back of the bus. As outlined in the original plan “before a white man can be hired a serious search must be made for a woman or qualified minority to fill the position.” Such qualifications now include cross-dressing and chopping off body parts.

One can only imagine what another fifty years of this will do to the world’s leading STEM university.


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