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Empowered MIT administrators celebrate their total hegemony

The MIT Administrative Advisory Council is pleased to announce this year’s self-congratulatory confab at which the fastest growing segment of the MIT community gathers to extol the successes of our ever-expanding administration. Come share ideas on how we can extend our diverse and inclusive influence ever deeper into the world’s leading STEM university.

MIT’s administrative staff now outnumbers faculty by more than three to one, with total staff outnumbering faculty by over ten to one! This tremendous accomplishment was secured despite almost no growth in the size of the faculty or student body. We are especially grateful for the influx of an uncounted and unaccountable number of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion personnel made possible by the 59% overhead rake-off we can charge on federal research grants awarded to faculty investigators.

Please submit a poster with your best administrator empowerment ideas for our October event. Since launching in 2014, this event has showcased hundreds of projects and programs, highlighting the many ways in which the administrative community has commandeered the Institute’s mission. We invite you to join us — connect with colleagues, learn more about their work, and share your own.

Coffee and desserts will be served!

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