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MIT top DEI bureaucrat moves on to collect his career capstone reward

Transforming the culture of the world’s leading STEM university takes not just a weak and compromised president with a total disregard for free speech, viewpoint diversity, and academic freedom but an army of smooth-talking career DEI bureaucrats working tirelessly to implant woke ideological orthodoxies deep into every nook and cranny of MIT’s fabric.

And now, MIT’s top DEI bureaucrat is moving on to his reward as a choir of angels sings hosannahs.

“He was the primary architect and driver of the Institute-wide consultations that shaped the Strategic Action Plan on Belonging, Achievement, and Composition, and he served as a voice for the community and liaison to the administration for many key committees, initiatives and working groups, including the MIT Values Statement Committee, the Indigenous Working Group, the Racism Research Fund, the Gender Identity Initiative, and the Ad Hoc Committee on Arts, Culture, and DEI.”

The Babbling Beaver wishes John the best of luck in his new endeavor, and thanks him for providing so much material. Our fondest hope is that Chancellor Melissa Nobles also finds herself a nice liberal arts college at which she can step up to the presidency, riding the wave of systemic racism flagellation to success.

Don’t let the door hit you in the keister.


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