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New MIT mascot “Woke TIM” debuts

This summer the Beaver challenged his photoshop-gifted followers to design a new mascot for the world’s leading STEM institution to illustrate its unrelenting slide into the woke fever swamps. You would think that the infantilized Wide TIM mascot, darling of a radicalized admissions office trying to discourage self-respecting male applicants, would be enough of a humiliation. But no amount of embarrassment is sufficient to illuminate the zeitgeist of a campus culture captured by social justice activists, gender deviants, data feminists, and overpaid DEI apparatchiks.

And so, behold: The new Woke TIM (xe/xem), available for download here so you can paste it onto your retorts, jibes, mockeries, and impotent expressions of outrage over what has befallen our beloved alma mater.

Alas, efforts to fight the woke takeover of STEM, gratifying as these may be, are unlikely to do more than slow down the rate at which things are getting worse. The pincer movement of an administration committed to the New World Order and the radical faculty of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism (SHASS) has totally bamboozled a science and engineering professoriate either too busy or too frightened to fight back.

So say hello to the new TIM as you wave goodbye to the last bastion of reason on the Charles.

Photoshop kudos to the Rambling Raccoon


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