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Where does MIT fit in a great reset world where the U.N. “owns the science?”

During September’s World Economic Forum 2022 Sustainable Development Impact Meetings U.N. under-secretary Melissa Fleming, a renowned Oberlin graduate and trained science journalist, explained on a panel on “Tackling Disinformation” that the global elites planning our future have partnered with the major tech companies to control the narrative because “We own the science.”

Well, that settles it.

Seeing what a sustainable job our proven leaders and their anointed experts have been doing managing energy policy, monetary policy, pandemic response policy, and immigration policy, it’s understandable that they should be in charge of what the rest of us can see, hear, and say.

MIT is doing its part to Build a Better World by adopting only approved narratives, fending off disinformation that could threaten the shared goals of our diverse and inclusive community. In addition, dozens of extra-departmental activist programs are busy implementing the brilliant policies that naturally spring from narratives that can’t be questioned or challenged.

We eagerly await the arrival of MIT’s new president in hopes that he, she, or it can take his, her, or their marching orders from Melissa and her colleagues. Achtung! Schnell, schnell!


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