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MIT Intercultural Engagement Team: The intersectionality path to power

Intercultural Engagement (IE) empowers students by giving them the tools, skills and knowledge to be champions of diversity and social justice on and off the MIT campus through programming and outreach.”

Hearken to the stated vision of the IE team, run by fervent SPXCE Cadets (pronounced “space” with a virtue-spell nod to Latinx womxn). These missionaries of moral machination operate from a sacred Spxce designed to “encourage learning about personal identity.” Because identitarianism is the rock upon which the Belonging, Achievement, and Composition church is built.

The IE team is but one ministry in the vast episcopate of MIT’s Division of Student Life, a growing army of proselytizing administrators reporting to Wokengruppenführer Melissa Nobles. Working with LGBTQ+ Services and Women and Gender Services to groom impressionable young students into the Woke life, IE is generously funded by alumni donations most thought were going to support scientific endeavors. (Little do they know how much is being siphoned off to transform the world’s leading STEM university into Oberlin.)

All incoming freshman must pass through MIT’s Diversity Orientation Program where they learn how to become undercover informants, empowered to spread fear and loathing among any who refuse to accept the one true faith ordained to build a better world.

Photoshop by the Rambling Raccoon


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