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MIT Transgender Day of Remembrance

At noon on November 20th the MIT Division of Student Life burgeoning Office of Student Wellbeing, home of the Doing Well initiative that supports the mission-critical LGBTQ+ Services group, will be holding a vigil at the MIT chapel. Conducted by the Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life, the service will commemorate the victims of the violent transphobic attacks roiling our campus and nation, the gravest threat to intersectionality facing Western Civilization.

The prime directive of Belonging is that we stand together to speak out against transphobes who have callously dispatched terrorist armies of tunnellers, paragliders, rapists, and beheaders to invade transgender communities and commit atrocities in the name of gendernormativity. We condemn bigots who tear down posters of kidnapped transgender babies along with all those who deadname or refuse to use preferred pronouns.

In recognition of the SHASS-trained social justice activists who have done the most for both the transgender community and the many eunuchs at MIT, we have invited the leaders of Palestine@MIT and Queers for Palestine to present a guest lecture after the candlelight ceremony explaining the special treatment that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transpersons, and queers get under Sharia Law. Allahu Akbar!

Silence is violence, so students who refuse to participate will be reported to MIT’s Bias Response Team microaggression investigators, yearning to get back to more serious work after their recent leave of absence.

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