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MIT’s “Be the Change” Initiative

As we embark on implementing the Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition the Be the Change initiative offers community members the opportunity to learn both theoretically and experientially about the work of change-making.

This initiative has already begun with SHASS piloting a workshop series for staff on “Self, Systems, and Transformation,” where participants gained tools, insights, and—most importantly—hands-on practice for making progress on systemic challenges.

We are so proud of the progress our large and growing staff of highly paid DEI professionals has already made inculcating a spirit of social justice activism in our students. How thrilling to watch them take these principles into the streets!

A striving for equity demands that systemic oppression be challenged wherever it is found. Thankfully, we can all draw strength from intersectional solidarity across an ever-growing collection of certified victim groups in need of perpetual professional help. Help our experts decolonize STEM as our allies decolonize the world.

Every day more of our fellow citizens are waking up to the consequences that DEI programs like ours are having on an entire generation of young minds, and bodies. As a result, American universities have never been held in such regard. And you can thank us for that!


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