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Why must MIT’s president always be a heteronormative man or woman?

Rejected presidential search candidates

With the announcement that Dr. Sally Kornbluth has been named MIT’s 18th president, advocates of the Belonging, Achievement, and Composition strategic plan have registered a complaint with the IDHR office that MIT’s presidential gender selection algorithm only alternates between male and female presidents.

“Failure to hire a eunuch is a slap in the face of all those committed to gender justice,” screamed Sally Jackson, the deputy assistant dean of heteronormative decolonization. While many have speculated that outgoing president L. Rafael Reif might qualify given the atonement program he undertook after the #MeToo posse caught him approving donations from Jeffrey Epstein, anatomical expiation proved to be only metaphorical.

Dose this blatant act of exclusion “critically engage with and empower the MIT community on the value of inclusion and belonging,” as promised in the new strategic plan? Hardly.


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