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MIT flunks its own harassment survey

In its never-ending quest to justify the explosion of DEI hiring and mandatory woke indoctrination programs, MIT’s Institute Community Equity Officer, in conjunction with the Director of Women and Gender Studies and Title IX coordinator, is now conducting a harassment and misconduct survey of faculty and staff. Ever on the alert, the Beaver sniffed out a copy.

      Have you ever been treated differently because of your sex?

      Has it ever been stated or implied that you were hired by MIT because of your sex or gender identity?

One doesn’t have to look very far, from the highest administrative offices to the myriad social engineering programs to MIT’s admissions office personnel and practices to see massive evidence of differential treatment and sex-based hiring. In fact, the Massachusetts Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has been sitting on twenty-seven Title VI and IX complaints for years ignoring requests to investigate MIT programs that exclude … males. But hey, that’s good discrimination. The truly righteous only care about bad discrimination.

But wait, there’s more. Dig a little deeper and you find the Beaver’s all-time favorite.

      Have you ever been watched, followed, or spied on?

Gee, no. Except for the dossiers of anonymous denunciations and kangaroo court investigations conducted by MIT’s Bias Response Team, not to mention organizational infiltration by trained student informants.

But don’t worry, you have nothing to fear from the woke inquisitors if you have nothing to hide.

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