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MIT Gender Identity Initiative accused of making trans-exclusionary mistakes

The celebrated MIT Gender Identity Initiative (GII) has run afoul of trans activists who feel that six genders plus make-up-your-own is not enough. Despite direction by an all-star steering committee collectively representing over two million dollars in annual salary expense, including the ICEO, the VP of Human Resources, the Assistant Dean of Intercultural Engagement, and the Vice Chancellor, an open letter signed by a phalanx of trans activists is demanding immediate redress of their grievances.

Pride is all about elevating and celebrating your private parts, or chopping them off, or sticking them in malapropos orifices while insisting on being taken seriously after dying your hair purple and caterwauling about preferred pronouns and microaggressions. Demands include subjecting the members of the GII steering committee to mandatory trans education, removing all transphobic and cisnormative language from MIT gender collection forms, and acknowledging that men are women and women are men whenever they say so.

The Babbling Beaver will keep you posted on this internecine battle for social justice. Bring your own popcorn.


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