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Pre-pubescent transgenderism portends the return of castrati to opera

In a recent opinion piece published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. Aufer Testiculi, Associate Professor of Critical Music Appreciation and seminar leader at MIT’s Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality, celebrated the burgeoning transgender movement and its inevitable impact on opera.

“Something must be done to attract younger, more diverse and inclusive aficionados to the heavily subsidized but dying art of opera,” urged Dr. Testiculi, lamenting the fact that dwindling opera audiences are usually whiter than KKK rallies and older than AARP conventions. “The transgender normalization movement has the exciting potential of producing the next Farinelli. Might I suggest that transgender advocates focus their education efforts on the leaders, members, and stage mothers of the Vienna Boys Choir?”

Reaction to the good professor’s recommendations were respectfully muted for fear of cancellation.

Original painting of Farinelli by Didier Descouens


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