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MIT design justice movement defies logic

MIT’s Design Justice Movement continues to spread its wings, putting into practice theories of intersectional feminism that question “stereotypical masculine values like objectivity and logic.”

Professor Catherine D’Ignazio, author of Data Feminism, is leading a new form of activism intended to “build communities of activists, scientists, scholars, architects, and researchers to combat oppressive designs in society.”

Members of MIT’s Design Justice Project shared their ideas for creating community around design equity, ethics, and justice at a recent engineering conference that focused on more patriarchal issues like designing buildings that don’t fall over.

Keen observers of MIT will notice the proliferation of countless social justice programs designed to attract and absorb the increasing number of DEI admits who are not interested in more rigorous science and engineering programs. The fact that these are dominated by women is a complete coincidence.

An important element of activist programs aimed at conquering STEM is browbeating the patriarchy into adopting the language of engineering justice. When persuasion isn’t enough, aggressive audits must be launched to intimidate holdouts. Identifying and outing science and engineering professors that are enemies of justice, ethics, sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is the best way to drive them out of the community.

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