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Design justice pedagogy takes MIT by storm

Are you being oppressed by your condo’s architecture? Do the buttons on your iPhone reproduce the matrix of domination? Have encoded values in your breakfast cereal diminished you? Is your electric toothbrush racist?

Come help MIT build a better world by fostering the meaningful pursuit of ethical, equitable, and just design principles. Sustain, heal, and empower communities as we seek liberation from exploitative and oppressive systems. Don’t be shy, everyone is an expert based on their own lived experience!

The Design Justice Pedagogy Summit will be held at the Jeffery Epstein funded MIT Media Lab on August 24-26, 2022. Learn how to turn every engineering conversation into a woke word salad. Cow your colleagues into praising your virtue lest they be cast among the sinners. Spread the good word until the revelation of incontestable truth reaches every corner of STEM education.

Please fill out this online application form so we may judge if you are worthy. If you become one of the chosen people we will empower you to perform design justice pedagogy audits that will strike terror into the hearts of engineering professors that have not yet bent the knee. It’s a brave new world and you are its missionary.

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