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The Burbling Bieber strikes again!

Back from his whirlwind tour of Elbonia, where he received an honorary degree in “Attempting to sing while gargling gravel” the Burbling Bieber returns to delight his fans with another effort to become the Tom Lehrer of MIT. Give him a big hand, and please don’t tell old Tom that the Bieber ripped off the music from his classic song “Pollution.”

Turn up your volume, click and give a listen here.


If you come to the MIT
You may study technology.
Just one thing of which you must beware,
All the systemic racism there.

Racism, racism
You may be a millionaire.
But if you’re not white
Then your life’s been unfair.

If you like Trump for President.
You’ll get ratted to Maxient.
You may not know what that’s all about.
But sooner or later, you’ll find out.

Racism, racism
We got sexism as well.
It’s run by old White guys
Named Missy, Cyndi, and Sal.

If you maxed out your SAT
Got all As, not a single B.
But if you’re white and you’re masculine
Even 1700 won’t get you in.

Racism, sexism
It’s enough to make you cry.
So you’ll have to swear
To support DEI.

You may wish for a red-hot date
But you must not discriminate.
When hooking up, you must always be fair.
Take the quarter-ton tranny with the purple hair.

So, come to MIT
‘Cause they say we’re number one.
Just send us your daughter
You’ll see what we taught her.
When we send back – your son.


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