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MIT President cancels himself

Exhausted from a decade of fighting a losing battle in the Woke takeover slowly turning the world’s leading STEM institution into Oberlin, MIT President L. Rafael Reif threw in the towel last week, vowing to return to the classroom where he was actually effective and admired.

“You would think giving them a Women’s and Gender Studies Program, hiring six dozen DEI deans and staffers, most of whom couldn’t pass 18.01 if their lives depended on it, and cancelling invited lecturers to appease shouting Twitter mobs would be enough,” lamented the weary lame duck. “But noooo … The only thing I accomplished by giving in to the incessant demands was encouraging additional demands, each more strident than the last.”

Dr. Reif plans to take a well-deserved sabbatical, which will include making a pilgrimage to lay a wreath on the grave of Neville Chamberlain, though he did renew his pledge to continue wearing his hairshirt as a reminder of his lasting legacy.


  1. Peter Anderson

    What a shame. The woke miasmic canker infests one of the worlds premier academic institutions, another victory for the mundane over excellence and merit.

  2. ram6533

    At this stage, any $ amount may be Too Damn Much, until some sort of correction sets in.


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