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December MIT Corporation meeting unnerved by renegade proposal

Shocking the normally docile and obsequious members of the recent rubber-stamp MIT Corporation meeting, a renegade trustee proposed a motion that any administrative employee whose title includes the word “Dean” be required to pass 18.01.

“MIT is the premier STEM university in the world,” muttered the flabbergasted trustee as he fended off attempted defenestration. “Doesn’t it make sense that MIT’s Deanocracy be minimally numerate?”

The motion was ruled out of order as it discriminated against recruiting overpaid critical theory activists. “There are many different kinds of intelligence,” intoned the Chairperson-for-life of the Governance and Conformity Committee. “Insisting on basic competence in math or science, much less excellence for which this institution was formerly known, is an act of oppression inconsistent with a Diverse and Inclusive MIT.”


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