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MIT Social Justice Warriors on the March

“He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.” Arabic proverb.

Poor Sally Kornbluth. Little did she know when she accepted the offer to become MIT’s President that an army of social justice warriors incubated by the runaway DEI bureaucracy her predecessor installed would soon be trampling her underfoot.

“Go back to your classes and stop blocking the halls or I’m going to spank you!” she shrieked at the mob of unruly pro-Hamas demonstrators and terrified counter-protestors they attracted.

Alas, Intersectionality Uber Alles! You’re either the oppressed or the oppressor, and all properly educated people know that apartheid-loving, white-adjacent Jews are the colonialist oppressors while peace-loving, brown Palestinians deserve the support of the entire BIPOC-LGBTQ community.

Taking the advice of her hastily hired security detail, Sally beat a retreat to her office and issued another impotent statement. “You’d better behave yourselves or I might someday possibly think about maybe sort of suspending you!”

You might think this would give pause to protestors on student visas who risk getting sent back to the pestholes they came from. Nah. Everyone knows it’s just another toothless please-all/please-none performance.

And so, the campus protests escalate because MIT is obviously the source of Arab-Israeli conflict and has the power to deliver peace and justice if “activists” on the right side of history scream loud enough. Protests will continue edging ever closer to pogrom until “Palestine is free from the river to the sea.”


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