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“Positionality Statements” are the hot new way to decolonize STEM

Mandatory DEI statements for faculty hiring and grad school admissions are a great way to weed out applicants who don’t Belong. But wresting control of STEM away from the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy will not be complete until similar identity and ideology screens are established to diversify peer reviewed science publications.

This is where “Positionality Statements” can play an important role.

Because there is no such thing as objective reality, all facts are social constructs, and reason and rationality are tools of toxic masculinity, it is essential to know the race, religion, national origin, gender identity, and sexual preference of every author submitting papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Science Magazine is preparing the ground for this next leg of the long march in its recent article “Should scientists include their race, gender, or other personal details in papers?” Of course, the correct answer is yes. But you can’t say so out loud yet. Please be patient as comrade Thorp pushes the Overton Window ever further to the left.

The book Knowledge Justice published by MIT press explains the role positionality plays in deconstructing hegemonic power structures. While it is a foregone conclusion that Positionality Statements will go from being recommended to required in the social sciences, justice will not be served until the real sciences are forced to conform.

You will know the final solution has been achieved when Jewish scientists are required to affix the Star of David to all of their publications.


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