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Advisors of female STEM students must be flogged to produce more inventors

Yet another anti-diverse, noninclusive inequity has been discovered that must be eradicated by any means necessary. Not only are there not enough women pursuing careers in STEM to deliver gender justice but those that actually earn PhDs aren’t creating enough inventions!

In their never-ending crusade to turn over every rock to see what kind of oppression lies beneath, diversity experts and their paid professional propagandists at MIT’s Sloan School of Management have discovered that female STEM PhDs don’t file enough patents.

Surely, males somewhere must be at fault. And Social Science proves this is the case.

“Female STEM PhD students were 21% less likely than their male counterparts to have been trained by top inventor advisors — those who had received at least seven patents. Even when female STEM PhDs were matched with top inventor faculty members, they were 17% less likely to become new inventors compared with their male STEM PhD student counterparts.”

And who is to blame? Of the top inventor advisors included in the study, only 8% were female, so it can’t be them. “Our findings are consistent with the idea that women’s innovation skills and contributions are somewhat undervalued by advisors.” Entertain the thought that these findings are also consistent with the idea that women have different inclinations, aspirations, imaginations, and motivations than men at your peril.

QED: Men are to blame for the failure of women to become inventors that file patents.

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