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MIT Gender Equity in STEM Challenge fights against incorrect female choices

“Despite comparable levels of achievement in science and mathematics in K-12 education, by middle school, boys are already twice as likely to show interest in a science or engineering-related job; by college they are five times more likely to choose a STEM career path.”

This is the challenge faced by the social engineers at SOLVE determined to get women to make life choices that are best for society. A million dollars is yours if you can figure out how to make girls want the right things. Because justice will not be served until every field of human endeavor is perfectly gender balanced.

But won’t this divert women from righteous careers in social activism following in the footsteps of the nearly all-female team at SOLVE, few of whom have STEM degrees or pursued careers in science or engineering?


Check out the world-class solutions submitted so far. Our favorite is SAVE-SEED. “Most human beings are destroying their seeds in transient pleasure (sexuality) which definitely brings disease and poverty in life. SAVE-SEED means maintaining complete purity in mind, body and deeds while having a relationship only with the spouse for life.” Better make sure the LGBTQ zealots don’t get triggered by that one.


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