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MIT Experts demand global dictatorship to fight climate, pandemic, inequality crises

“The crises we face today, and most of all the climate crisis, present challenges greater than those humanity has ever faced. We cannot let millions of homes and lives, we cannot let whole countries, sink under the sea.”

Thus begins a report, no a plea, no a DEMAND that the human race surrender to a unified global dictatorship of unelected experts. What could go wrong?

Produced by the world’s best and brightest, including Princeton and Yale trained social scientists at the MIT Center for International Studies, and supported by selfless billionaires who only have your best interests in mind, the 2023 Global Solidarity Report takes the need for belonging to entirely new levels.

“The only solution to these unprecedented challenges is an unprecedented increase in global solidarity. We do not have the luxury of time. We need a revolution. It is a matter of survival.”

And where must this revolution begin?

“We need new taxes and levies. Redistributive and progressive tax and fiscal policies can counteract growing inequalities. A new, truly global body, with a mandate to represent all countries and regions, should be created within the umbrella of the United Nations. Release trillions of dollars. Now.

Ah. Who was it that said … Follow the Money?

You can download the report here. Then send your feedback to Professor Evan Lieberman, who directs MIT’s Global Diversity Lab and the Center for International Studies.


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