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Build a better climate at MIT

If you aspire to do social engineering on a truly global scale, garnering a lifetime of taxpayer-funded grants and subsidies from western governments determined to sacrifice formerly reliable and cost-effective energy systems on the altar of Mother Gaia, then MIT has a new major for you.

MIT’s new Bachelor of Science in Climate System Science and Engineering degree combines the perfection of alarmist climate models produced by antiracist, anti-colonial scientists at EAPS with the hubris of civil engineers eager to build monuments to the wisdom of our central planners and elite overlords.

The degree requirements notably come with no mention of either economics or nuclear engineering, though it’s loaded with ethics and policy inculcation from MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism.

As China’s coal-driven economy leaps ahead, making a mockery of NetZero policies such as banning gas stoves and shutting down farms, learning to avert your eyes from lithium mining child slavery is an important part of the doublethink regimen required to become a successful climate engineer.

With over 20% of MIT’s faculty doing climate related work, this new major gives the world’s leading STEM institution an opportunity to garner even more of the freshly printed money pouring out of Washington. Kudos to the green eyeshade crew that conjured up this one.

Story suggested by Mark Felt. Photoshop by the Rambling Raccoon


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