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MIT ‘Rewiring Social Media’

People on the right side of history agree that misinformation and disinformation are grave threats to democracy. How can the master plans of elite experts be transformed into policy if social media gives voice to those who question their wisdom, impugn their motives, and investigate their financial connections?

What will happen when the next pandemic requires responsible authorities to lock down the country if criticism of settled science is permitted?

How can emergency mass medical interventions be mandated for the people’s own good if noncompliant citizens are allowed to organize resistance?

When will gender justice and affirmation healthcare be accessible to all if hate speech is tolerated that falsely claims there are only two genders?

How can we achieve NetZero and protect the planet from crossing the tipping point of climate catastrophe if science deniers continue spreading ignorance and obstructionism?

MIT Sloan School tackled these issues and more at its 2023 Social Media Summit. Read the full ‘Rewiring Social Media’ report here.

Learn the best ways to remove content that threatens social order. Discover techniques to monitor websites and penalize offenders. Understand why we must implement government oversight of Artificial Intelligence. And most importantly, see why it is critical to control the flow of information so the unwashed masses will trust empowered experts even when their policies lead to disaster.


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