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Technology Review unleashes cub reporter to debunk gender affirmation heresy

The formerly credible MIT Technology Review, incensed that surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital are facing criticism for chopping body parts off disturbed children, unleashed its most potent scientific weapon to smite anyone denying the settled science of gender affirmation surgery. Meet medical expert Ben Kesslen, cub reporter at the NY Post, four years fresh off his “American Studies” B.A. at Tufts.

Kesslen’s article in Technology Review’s fall Gender Issue debunks the notion that social contagion could possibly explain why clusters of pre-pubescent schoolgirls might suddenly want to live their lives as boys. Perish the thought that they’ve been duped by social media or attracted to the widespread celebration of trans identities. Insisting that you’ve been born in the wrong body is perfectly normal and should be affirmed with medical intervention at the earliest age possible. Gender is a social construct and only dangerous reactionaries believe it has anything to do with biological sex.

Readers are warned not to believe right-wing disinformation that suggests it might be best to help confused children mature into adulthood before irreversibly leaving them scarred, impotent, and sterile. Instead, put your trust in the scientific wisdom and integrity of experts like Ben who now dominate the pages of MIT’s Technology Review.


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