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MIT Graduate Student Union votes down contract offer. We demand a closed shop!

The leaders of MIT Graduate Student Union, an affiliate of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, are not happy. MIT’s negotiating team, led by Chancellor Melissa Nobles, has stubbornly refused to allow them to establish a union shop, which would force all MIT graduate students to join the union within 30 days or get the heave-ho. Further, the administration insists that bias grievances be handled by MIT’s established IDHR office instead of a separate union grievance committee.

Oh, the irony of watching Nobles stand in the schoolhouse door of social justice.

A lot is at stake here. The union insists that graduate students be referred to by their desired pronouns, as well as guaranteeing them access to gender-affirming restrooms. And that all grad students, faculty, and staff be required to take annual DEI training. The uppity lab slaves are even demanding campus parking spots! Cambridge having declared war on cars, that may end up being the deal killer.

From the looks of it, a strike may be looming. Professors may have to wash their own glassware! Stand by for updates and get your popcorn ready.


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