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Critical race theory advocate-therapists help MIT stay abreast in the harms race

Don’t let the friendly smiles fool you. Beneath them lurks the exalted power of social justice therapy dispensed with divine advocacy, applied with the nurturing balm of special education kindergarten aides.

MIT’s Violence Prevention & Response Advocacy Service knows that “ending sexual and domestic violence requires an end to all power-based violence. This violence is directly connected to the legacy of white supremacy and settler colonialism the United States was built upon, and continues to be shaped by intersecting systems of oppression that disenfranchise groups based on race and ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, ability status, gender identity, religion, residency status, and other identities. This oppression intentionally creates inequity, including a lack of fairness in access to health, safety, well-being, and self-determination.”

Let this be a warning to the legions of white supremacists who must surely colonize the halls of MIT eager to unleash genderous harms on their helpless victims. These harms can come in many forms, from the dehumanizing terror of the male gaze to the thoughtless use of the wrong pronoun. If you are a survivor of these beasts and need mental and emotional succor, know that professional help is but a denunciation away.

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  1. Oscar Gordon

    The statement referenced sounds like it was generated by an AI channeling Kamala Harris.


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