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Turning students into proselytizing zombies now an essential part of MIT pedagogy

Photo source: MIT Trashion Show on YouTube

Filling the meaning-shaped hole in young peoples’ heads has been used to build mass movements for millennia. Magic mantras play an important role in socializing impressionable cadres, preparing them to “build a better world” without the distraction of critical thinking.

Repeat after me: Belonging. Community. Equity. Inclusion. Green. Sustainable!

The MIT Undergraduate Association Committee on Sustainability believes it has an important role to play in … something. They haven’t quite figured out what that something is yet, but they are intent on pursuing a smorgasbord of virtue-affirming ideas. Watching MIT students leverage their third of a million dollar educations growing tomatoes, running pop-up thrift shops, and making trashion clothing out of used gum wrappers must make their parents proud.

Our young drivers of institutional change are passionately devoted to finding “creative ways to make unwanted items useful.” When it comes to recycling rubbish we implore them to discover ways to repurpose MIT’s thundering herd of deans, assistant deans, associate deans, and overpaid administrators.


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