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Negotiations with MIT grad student union begin: Pinkertons on standby

MIT’s newly authorized Graduate Student Union, an affiliate of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, is girding for a tough contract battle with chief negotiators Chancellor Melissa “Science-is-Racist” Nobles and Provost Cynthia “Anonymous-Microaggression-Reporting” Barnhart.

With union contract proposals clearly set out that include due process guarantees that run afoul of the arbitrary and opaque adjudication powers of MIT’s Title IX IDHR office that Barnhart founded, as well as demands for coveted parking spaces enjoyed by faculty and staff, the negotiations are expected to be lengthy and tough.

In an open letter designed to burnish claims of virtue and good faith on the part of the administration while luring the union and its naïve members into complacency, the good Chancellor and Provost indicated that negotiations could take “years.” Meanwhile, MIT’s graduate school will return to business as usual, and if you uppity PI plantation lab slaves don’t like it be glad we don’t yank your student visas.


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