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Campus intersectionality movements seek solidarity over decolonization

The dramatic decolonization demonstration launched this past weekend by courageous freedom fighters truly puts Indigenous Peoples Day in perspective.

This bold effort to reclaim ancestral lands has galvanized student groups across American far more effectively than empty land acknowledgements. BIPOC-LGBTQ organizations are united in their call to end the apartheid occupation of the peace-loving Palestinian people known for the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Alluha Akbar.

The Palestine Cohort of MIT’s Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP) is especially eager for a quick end to hostilities and a return to normalcy so tunneling engineers and rocket entrepreneurs can resume their endeavors.

“The Palestinian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem faces significant challenges, including the hindrance imposed by the Israeli occupation through enforced laws and sanctions that limit the movement of goods, people, ideas, and funds” explains the group’s website. Thankfully, technical assistance from Iran has helped bridge the gap, allowing the residents of Gaza to pursue their heartfelt aspirations.

The Palestine@MIT group was very clear in its support of the George Floyd mostly peaceful protests back in 2020 and expects reciprocity from fellow oppressed identity groups.

We eagerly await a statement from MIT’s new president offering some mealy-mouthed words of compassion designed to keep the intersectionality train from derailing.


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