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MIT faculty chair calls for distributive equity through governance archeology

MIT political science professor Lilly Tsai, chair of the faculty, head of MIT’s GOV/LAB, and power player in the phalanx of humanities professors busily hijacking the culture of the world’s leading STEM university, argues for the pursuit of “distributive equity as well as procedural justice.”

In a finely crafted word salad she laments the pressure to steer college students towards “practical” majors. Instead, because many citizens have lost trust in experts, government agencies, and the media, we must “renew our institutions and practices for collective governance.”

Confidence will be restored through “governance archeology” and “democratic trusteeship” with the means of production regulated by a Ministry of the Future. A “residency of innovators” will lead us in “rituals to reinforce communal obligations to ancestors and descendants,” carefully avoiding “cultural appropriation by cultivating relationships of accountability to the legacies from which we learn.”

Carefully chosen experts tasked with protecting us from the fraying of our social fabric – magically immune from the influence of special interests and partisan politics – will review “posterity impact statements” for all proposed innovations before they are allowed to move forward.

If you think the Beaver made this up, you are not paying attention to what is happening to MIT.


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