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SHASS sends the MIT Economics Department to the back of the bus

Once upon a time MIT honored faculty members for their accomplishments. The renowned economics department, known for its many Nobel Prizes, was the gem of an otherwise undistinguished School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS).

But in the SHASS lamasery of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, celebrations of merit cannot stand. Last month feminist hackers defaced the wall of honor in Building 14. Why?

In their own words: “The Department of Economics is the whitest and most male department in SHASS. By centering the Field of Economics, this display further perpetuates the technical bias pervasive at MIT that the value of a field of research, knowledge, and exploration is linked to its “technical rigor.” SHASS is composed of humanists, artists, and social scientists, but this display reinforces the notation [sic] that even in SHASS, the fields involving more technical and scientific modes of inquiry are more valuable and worthy of celebration.”

And so, social justice warriors plastered the wall with faces from the growing ranks of SHASS third-rate academic grifters, worthy of celebration due to their gender, skin color, and fealty to the woke takeover of MIT.

Alas, few people noticed because most STEM students avoid Building 14 like the plague.

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