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MIT Climate Justice Program helps redirect giant rivers of federal money

In her inaugural address MIT’s new president Sally Kornbluth indicated that “at least 20% of MIT’s faculty work on questions related to climate change.” This is a great way to keep federal dollars flowing to as many MIT departments as possible. But how can the School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialist Scientism get in on the act?

Climate Justice, that’s how! Listen to indigenous climate justice leaders talk about the importance of tribal self-determination and the successful efforts of the Lumbee tribe to block natural gas pipelines, ensuring that fracked gas gets exported to Europe instead of warming homes in New England. Or noble efforts to prevent the cultural extinction of salmon-consuming former slave owning tribal communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Efficient budget dollar extraction comes from attaching the word Justice to any federal program that is spewing money. Having bought up 20% of MIT scientists it’s time to spread some of that lucre around to philosophers, anthropologists, linguists, the theater arts, and women and gender studies professors, all of whom passionately care about the impact of climate change on their careers. Because it is only just that the climate bonanza belongs to everyone.

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