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Latest document dump on Epstein bedfellows drags MIT back into the news

As the backstory starts to reveal
There is much in the past to conceal.
But there is a way out
To avoid worse fallout,
If you change the mores held ideal.

Aye, the lure of a tender young kiss
Is too much for some men to resist.
So Epstein and his pals
Used some hot little gals
To lure scads of them into a tryst.

Accessing top tech holds the key
To this deep state foul conspiracy.
CIA and Mossad
Wanted what could be had,
So they set their sights on MIT.

Oh dear, what can a spinmeister say
To escape from this auto-da-fe’?
“We must smash old taboos,
Change what people can choose,
And make paid pedophilia OK!”

You gasp, “How could such wicked plans hold?”
“Have no fear, true woke progress is bold!
It’s the slippery slope
That gives all of us hope,
Good lord, look at what else we have sold.”

If it’s just fine to chop off a breast
To pursue a child’s transgender quest.
You say they won’t miss it?
OK, let men kiss it!
The next stop, normalizing incest.

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