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MIT students confer with Vice President Kamala Harris to suck CO2 out of the air

A group of college climate zealots led by MIT graduate student Robert Fetell SM ‘24 met with climate expert and model diversity-hire VP Kamala Harris at a recent Miami Beach confab to discuss the complexities of Direct Air Capture (DAC) carbon dioxide mineralization.

“Carbon is bad. Make it go away or you’re all going to die!” warned Ms. Harris, reading from cue cards in between nervous cackles. Panicked when questioned by MIT students whose IQs left her 60 points behind, her astute minder handed her a paper bag to breathe into before she hyperventilated.

Future Leader Robert Fetell is not just learning how to make rocks out of air. He is building a better world through an organization he founded, the Resilience Youth Network (RYN).

“Our mission is to develop the next generation of climate resilience leaders by connecting our members with resources, facilitating networks, and providing them opportunities for action. RYN is committed to promoting diversity because systemic inequities and injustices keep BIPOC LGBTQ+ people out of resilience-oriented conversations. Teaching them how to churn out virtuous word salads as astucious as mine will help save the planet.” Take note, Kamala.

Story suggested by the MIT Daily News

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  1. Anon

    I remember when this satire of a TED talk was released by The Onion, which was apparently more than ten years ago now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkGMY63FF3Q

    At the time it seemed a bit over the top that they made sure every shot of the audience included diverse people, and the idea that people would believe that words were more important than results seemed laughably far-fetched, but now the thing that feels the most unbelievable about the video is that they allowed the “visionary” to be a heterosexual-looking cisgender white man.


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