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MIT Sloan school leads the fight against workplace microinequities

Wokesplaining workplace behavior designed to dismantle the white cisheteropatriarchy has apparently become the primary mission of MIT’s Sloan School.

Success relies on hyper-sensitizing oppressed and oppressor classes so that the tiniest frictions get amplified into traumatic experiences requiring professional intervention. Resentment and mistrust are powerful tools requiring constant cultivation.

For example, getting your employees to walk on eggshells terrified that they might trigger an empowered identity is the best way to build equitable teams and prevent natural leaders from emerging that might unbalance your diversity statistics.

Sloan even keeps professional storytellers on its payroll who have never held a management job but nonetheless churn out virtuous stories that model correct business culture. Like this recent piece on dismantling microinequities.

Repetition is the key to learning, so retelling the allegory of the overlooked woman who makes a suggestion during a meeting that receives no response only to have a male colleague voice the same idea a few minutes later to great fanfare never gets old. And don’t forget to throw in a sentence or two about the lived experience of underrepresented minorities! You know how touchy some of them can get about the microinequity of playing second fiddle to neurotic white women.

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  1. Robert Radulski

    Micro-aggressions?! They’re for wimps, wussies, and every “woke” college student looking for a safe space. As for me, I prefer macro-aggressions or better yet, mega-aggressions. If I can reduce a class-victimized Social Justice Warrior to tears, I count it as a day well spent. I reveled in my toxic masculinity because it meant that my family had shelter, food, and clothes.


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