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Queer-Feminist-Antiracism spaceship design brings social justice to Mars

The Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab is on a mission. “For Danielle Wood, understanding identity–how experiences of race, gender, sexuality, and ability affect one’s experience of the world–is critical for designing better systems, whether it’s a musical theater show or a spaceship to Mars.”

Are you listening, Elon?

“Capitalism, colonialism, racism, patriarchy, and heteronormative culture create interlocking systems of oppression. Advancing justice can refer to ameliorating the harm caused by long term patterns of social hierarchy and moving toward liberatory self-determination for intersectional groups that consistently experience oppression, such as Black women, low-income immigrants, Indigenous people impacted by climate change, or transsexual people in the U.S. who speak English as a second language.”

The remainder of this word salad can be found here. The Beaver is unable to improve upon it but serves it up to you as a stellar example of how the new MIT is changing STEM education.

In unrelated news a tsunami of anxiety, depression, gender dysphoria, and other mental illnesses are washing across college campuses, disproportionately impacting queer, feminist, and antiracist students. Further study is required to determine what is driving woke students mad.

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  1. Sixth_Finger

    Our only hope is that once a critical mass of woke BS is confined to a small enough volume the whole thing will collapse into a black hole.


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