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MIT Sloan School calls for more managers to handle the increased social justice load

Sounding off in the December MIT Sloan Management Review Denise Hamilton, consultant, inclusion strategist, and keynote speaker dedicated to closing the achievement gap for professional women, calls for a vast increase in the ranks of middle managers.

“Social movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have called on corporations to transform and reckon with forms of injustice” explains the highly compensated expert who has been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, CBS, and NBC. (Book her here to engage her superpowers to lead workshops, design education programs, and coach senior leaders.)

Are monthly full-day DEI training sessions fueling resentment? Is DEI fatigue causing the work-life balance of managers to suffer? Denise has all the answers. Just hire more managers to handle the increased load!

“Cutting down layers of management in an attempt to streamline business” is a big mistake. Instead, hold another offsite. Ask your managers what additional resources they need. Then give them anything they want, especially more time to complete their assignments. This is the only way to preserve their mental health.

Thank you, Sloan Management Review, for platforming such wise experts.

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