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MIT Technology Review explains Social Credit Systems

Communism has never really been tried because making it work requires technology that is only now becoming available. One of the most important advances relies on using Social Credit systems to help the New Socialist Man become a trustworthy cadre.

A series of articles in MIT’s Technology Review debunks false rumors that the Communist Party of China, which is dedicated to building a better world, wants to use its developing Social Credit System to impose totalitarian controls on its happy subjects. There is nothing to worry about in the recently released draft law to implement the scientific viewpoint of developing and building a harmonious society. Is this goal not shared by most American universities?

Everyone agrees that rewarding good and punishing bad is the foundation of social justice. Why rely on inefficient demonization and cancellation to remove the untrustworthy when with a flick of a switch science deniers, misinformation spreaders, and other disturbers of the just order can be cut off from access to food, transportation, education, housing, medical care, and the entire financial system?

Let Tech Review’s writers untangle the complex, messy world of technology to help you understand what’s coming next.


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