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MIT alum 30-under-30 “effective altruist” Sam Bankman-Fried captures the zeitgeist

As we watch Western Civilization descend into madness in a clown parade led by university intellectuals and their Gen Z shock troops, what could be more entertaining than the rise and fall of a whiz-kid who mastered the art of storytelling to build a better world? And not just any precocious nerd but one of MIT’s very own. Sam Bankman-Fried ‘14 together with his girlfriend/partner, daughter of the Head of the Economics Department at MIT, successfully bamboozled both the foolish and the savvy, from Tom Brady to Sequoia Capital. Take that, Stanford, Lizzy Holmes was but a piker in comparison.

Hailed as the next Warren Buffet, companion of the high and mighty, and donor extraordinaire to politicians on the right side of history, the moral education that Sam got at MIT taught him that if he clad himself in the emperor’s new science clothes, engaged in extravagant virtue-signaling, and cultivated the proper tribal affiliations he could defeat all attempts at rational scrutiny.

Hats off to you, Sam, it was one helluva ride. May you defy predictions that the powers that be will quietly arrange to make sure you go the way of Jeffrey Epstein before any of them get implicated in your machinations.


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